13 DIY car seat covers that won’t break the bank

There are plenty of different types of seat covers you can choose from, depending on the material and look you’re going for. Here are 13 DIY car seat covers that won’t break the bank. If your seat cover doesn’t look like this in the end, don’t worry! This just shows the finished product; you may need to make adjustments along the way as you work through your own DIY car seat cover project.


Cute Seat Covers

cute car seat covers with toys

Seat Covers can be a cheap way to give your car a new, trendy look and if you have kids or pets you’ll also want something that’s easy to clean. Cute Seat Covers are not just for looks either – they protect against all kinds of spills, stains, and odors! In fact, people who’ve used them say they make such a difference it feels like driving in a brand new car. And with prices so low, you’d have to spend thousands on designer leathers or Suede interior upgrades before you got close to what these cost. Aesthetically pleasing and fully functional – it’s no wonder why so many people go DIY when it comes to seat covers!


Black Seat Covers

Black Seat Covers

Black is one of those colors that goes with any and everything. You don’t need to worry about color coordination or clashing hues—simply throw on a black seat cover, and you’re good to go. Most of these options are priced at $50 or less, so it’s easy on your wallet too! To kick things off, let’s start with some inexpensive black materials: Black felt and faux fur fabric are both common choices among DIYers. The felt can be especially durable and add extra cushioning. It’s usually pretty affordable too.

However, faux fur fabric tends to look and feel more luxurious. If you want both low cost and comfort in your DIY car seat cover then consider using faux fur for the padding parts and solid felt for the shell. If you want both low cost and comfort in your DIY car seat cover then consider using faux fur for the padding parts and solid felt for the shell.


Luxury Seat Covers

Luxury Seat Covers

Luxury Seat Covers are another great DIY seat cover option for those looking to save money. You can usually find them on Amazon for less than $20 per set. However, we recommend ordering a few sets and doing all of your seats at once! The quality is usually quite good, though not as strong as a professionally made set. You will probably be able to tell from customer reviews if it is going to be durable enough for long-term use or not. If you’re looking for something inexpensive but also well-made, these are a great choice.


Leather Look Seats

A fantastic way to keep your seats looking good, leather-look seat covers can make your seating area look sleek and sophisticated. Though they don’t actually have any leather in them, these affordable aftermarket accessories fit over existing seats and give them a natural leather appearance. They are also durable enough to last for years of use. Since they are made from synthetics, they’re easy to wipe clean as well; all you need is a damp cloth. With so many great reasons to add these beauties to your vehicle, there’s no reason not to do it! You should start shopping right away.


Braided Fabric Seats

If you’re looking for a car seat cover idea that’s as unique as it is cost-effective, try braiding fabric. The braid adds visual interest to your seats and a layer of warmth in cold weather. Plus, there are tons of tutorials out there for how to braid fabric into beautiful patterns on both your passenger and driver seats. In fact, the braided fabric is so easy to make you could whip up several different styles without breaking a sweat.


 Seat Divider

When you’re sharing a vehicle with someone else, it can be a challenge to keep each person’s stuff separate. An old towel might work in a pinch, but a DIY car seat divider could save you from unnecessary arguments or worse. You probably have most of what you need at home already: felt fabric, adhesive spray (like a spray-on hem). The cost? About $5 for two. Whether you sew your own or buy them online, put these on every other row of seats (or every row if it’s just two people) so when each person gets on their side, they know where everything is without having to rummage around in someone else’s space.


Boho Seats

If you’re anything like me, you love driving but hate how dirty your vehicle can get. Even when I wash my car (which is about once a month) it seems to collect dust and other gross things within days of washing. Instead of buying brand new seats for your vehicle, try covering them with inexpensive boho-style seat covers. These will help keep your seats clean, add some flair to your ride and they won’t cost much at all.


Multi-Colored Seats

If you’re feeling bold and have a strong sense of your brand, try out one of these DIY ideas that involve spray painting or dyeing your seats. The results will be awesome and even if you make a mistake, at least you’ll end up with some funky seats! That said, I wouldn’t recommend doing anything radical without talking to a professional first—this is also probably not something to try without extensive trial runs on scrap material.


Nautical Seats

If you’re tired of looking at your plain black seats, consider something more nautical. Nautical-themed seat covers come in a wide range of styles and designs, including anchors, boat sails, and fish. Custom-designed coverings will likely cost more than generic versions available on Amazon, but if you’re really into nautical themes, it may be worth it to splurge. You can also check out online for custom-made options. There are plenty of ways to save money on DIY car seat covers though. We suggest using an old or inexpensive cushion as a base when possible or avoiding buying fabric altogether.


Vintage Seat Cover

Is your car’s interior looking a little drab? While it might be tempting to go out and purchase new seats, purchasing custom-fitted leather seats can put a real dent in your pocket. Instead, keep your current seats and spruce them up with a DIY vintage seat cover. Covers are relatively easy to make (even for beginners) and there are countless tutorials out there that will walk you through every step of making your own chic, vintage-inspired seat cover. You’ll have an entirely new interior in no time. The best part is: when you’re ready to sell your vehicle down the road, you can simply remove it! The set will still look good as new since they aren’t permanently affixed to your seats.


Quilted Car Seat Cover

Quilted Car Seat Cover

This simple-to-sew quilted car seat cover is both stylish and functional. Plus, it only requires two materials: quilting cotton fabric and vinyl. Keep in mind, you can modify dimensions as needed to accommodate your specific vehicle’s make and model; if you don’t have access to a sewing machine, ask for help from a local tailor or ask at your local craft store for advice on how to complete some of these DIY projects. You might also want to buy pre-quilted fabrics that are made especially for cars. They come with straps, so you can wrap them around your seats easily. This project is pretty easy overall—just be sure not to cut yourself when working with sharp fabric scissors!


 Basic Seat Covers

All you need to make basic seat covers is a sewing machine and some fabric. You can follow one of many tutorials online for step-by-step instructions. These are great for covering worn seats or for reupholstering an old favorite chair at home, but if you’re making something just for your car, you may want to go with a different style cover. It isn’t likely that they will hold up well to heavy use in a moving vehicle over time.


Baby Car Seat Cover  

Baby Car Seat Cover  

There are a variety of reasons why you might consider making your own baby car seat cover. Maybe you’re a person who likes to sew and upholster, but don’t have much experience with making an infant-sized version? Or maybe you prefer to make things yourself, but just don’t have time for another project right now? Whatever your reason may be, it’s entirely possible to make your own safe and stylish infant car seat cover without breaking (or spending) too much money. A good place to start is with a simple muslin pattern. Inexpensive muslin from a fabric store or craft store will work fine, as long as it’s soft enough for a baby.

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