8 Clever Storage Ideas For Your Car

If you’re looking to find some clever storage ideas for your car, whether you have just one car or an entire fleet of them, there are lots of ways to repurpose your vehicles so that they have storage space available in unexpected places. Here are eight great ways to make the most of your car storage space.

Mug Tissue Container

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Cut a Styrofoam cup in half and place it in a plastic container; store dry tissue paper in it. When you reach into your glove compartment to grab some, you’ll have easy access to not only those but also wet wipes. Keep a second one at home and restock both every three months or so. It’s a simple, cheap way to keep things clean and tidy between regular cleanings.

Tackle Trunk Junk

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The trunk is probably one of your car’s least-utilized spaces, so it’s no surprise that it often fills up with extra bags and bulkier items. There are storage bins out there that make using your trunk a bit easier. If you want to create a few more inches of space, you can move things around and use your trunk as an actual space for car storage ideas, like groceries or clothes.

Car Tool Kit Organized

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A simple car storage idea is to have an organized car tool kit. For example, if you don’t keep all your tools in one place, and if you ever need a specific tool, you may waste precious time searching through boxes in storage or your garage. By storing all of your tools in one place — such as a nylon bag or backpack that is easy to carry with you. You will always know where they are located at any given time.

Tame Cord Chaos

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Keeping cords organized can be a real challenge. There are dozens of tools and techniques out there, but it’s important to find one that works for you. It might take some experimenting, but once you find a system that works, you’ll be glad you did!

Decorative Bin

Place your clean car supplies in a decorative bin that can be stashed under a seat or within an unused cubby hole in your car. The aesthetic will reflect well on you, and you’ll also have easy access to everything you need at a moment’s notice. Just make sure to cover them up when not in use. So as not to draw attention from any would-be thieves!

Back Seat Organizer

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The backseat is a great place to store things that you need to have with you all of the time but don’t use every day, like your laptop, purse or change of clothes. A convenient way to organize these items is with an over-the-seat organizer. These organizers typically have pockets and compartments that can hold small, lightweight items. An over-the-seat organizer will attach easily to a seat belt strap using Velcro straps or loops.

Car Seat Gap Organizer

Turn that car seat gap into a storage space with an organizer you can store anything from books to clothes to shoes. It keeps your things tucked away in a place where you’ll actually see them so they’re less likely to get lost. Plus, it gives your backseat passengers some leg room too. Just be sure not to block your child’s car seat buckles.

Command Hooks

car storage

These little hooks are a lifesaver in small spaces where you don’t have much storage space. Car storage ideas like these allow you to keep items close by, but off of your car seats and floors, so that they’re easy to access. They’re also great for backseat passengers who may need their own cup holders, water bottles, or other small items.



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