Car Accessories Essentials


When buying a new car, one of the first things to do after making the purchase is to look into some Car Accessories Essentials that can make your life easier and your vehicle more enjoyable to drive. The difference between having these essentials and not having them can be like night and day, so it’s worth every bit of time and money you put into adding them on.

GPS Tracker

If you want to keep tabs on your car and its location, a GPS tracker is an absolute must. You could just attach it to your dashboard and check in on it periodically, but that doesn’t really tell you much (especially when you’re supposed to be concentrating on driving). However, a GPS tracker can give you some useful information such as where your car has been and how fast it was going. You’ll also be able to track down your vehicle in case of theft or accident. These devices can start at $50 and go up from there, depending on how many bells and whistles are important to you.

Power Bank

A power bank is one of those car accessories essentials every car driver needs to have. When it comes to keeping your phone, tablet or other device charged while you’re on-the-go, a power bank is indispensable. Smartphones are great for everything from communication to navigation but no one ever said they weren’t needy. A lot of mobile devices only last about a day before needing to be charged again. So if you spend any significant amount of time in your car, it may not take long for that battery warning light to pop up on your dashboard when you really need your phone. That’s where power banks come in handy.

Car Accessories Essentials

Air Purifier

If you’re like most drivers, your car spends a lot of time parked, and that’s when it becomes a great home for pollen, dust mites, and other allergens. One way to reduce exposure is to invest in an air purifier. These plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter port and use filters to clean up indoor air pollution. If you plan on spending long hours in your car (such as during traffic), an air purifier is a small investment that could mean fewer congestion-related headaches down the road.

Car Accessories Essentials

Car Organizer

A car organizer is essential for keeping your in-car items easily accessible. Keep snacks, drinks, and other essentials out of sight while you’re driving; that way you can keep your hands on the wheel instead of digging through your glove compartment! A car organizer is a great place to keep little things like chapstick, gum, a flashlight, and maybe even an extra phone charger so that everything’s at arm’s reach when you need it.

Car Accessories Essentials

Bluetooth Speaker/AUX Cord

A Bluetooth speaker is a car accessory essential if you like to listen to music while driving. Many cars come with Bluetooth capabilities built-in, but some do not. Even if your car has it, streaming can be spotty and there’s no guarantee you can connect your phone to play directly from its media library (as many people like to do). The solution? Buy a portable Bluetooth speaker that hooks up directly to your phone via Bluetooth, or an AUX cord for non-Bluetooth cars! Don’t wait until you’re on a long road trip and then realize you don’t have a Bluetooth speaker for music—plan ahead so you don’t have that problem.

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