Car Accessories That Every Pet Owner Needs


One of the best parts about having a pet is taking them with you wherever you go, and especially on long car rides. These five car accessories will help you travel safely with your pet while keeping everyone comfortable and entertained along the way. Whether you have a cat or dog, here are five car accessories that every pet owner needs!

Dog Seat Cover

Of course, every pet owner must have a dog seat cover for when they go on road trips with their pup. These car accessories for pet owners are specifically designed to protect your car’s interior from damage, but can also help you keep your pooch happy. Many of these items even come with pockets to stash treats and toys. Just make sure you leave enough room for Rover; dogs shouldn’t take up more than half of your vehicle’s backseat. Whether you have a big German Shepherd or a little Pomeranian, there is a pet seat cover out there for every size and breed of dog!

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Pet Barrier

A pet barrier is a must-have for any family with pets. Even if you only have one dog, a dog-barrier can be used in both cars or trucks, saving you from getting stuck in traffic with an excited and panting pup at your feet or straining to hold him back when he smells something new and exciting. A pet barrier will keep your furry friend safe, secure, and out of your way. It’s a win for everyone involved!

Snooze Shade

For pet owners, traveling with pets can get complicated. While you may need to bring them along for a cross-country move or a weekend getaway. Your furry companions aren’t always happy about it. If you have a dog, for example, it may be hard to find a place that allows dogs inside. Some people also worry about their pet escaping in your car when they’re not looking. To help keep your pooch comfortable and give you peace of mind on road trips (or just running errands). Consider investing in snooze shades—products designed to protect and comfort dogs in cars.

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Dog Bowls & Water Bottle Holder

When you’re traveling with your pet, it’s easy to get distracted while driving and forget that they need a drink. A water bottle holder will keep your furry friend hydrated when you’re in transit, keeping him or her calm and comfortable for longer. There are also plenty of gadgets out there for older pets with mobility issues who may struggle to climb into or out of their crates. Dog steps give them a way to get up into their beds without risking injury.

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Chew Guarded Leather Seats

No matter how much your dog loves you, it probably doesn’t love you enough to refrain from chewing on your car’s leather seats. If a standard cover just won’t cut it. Consider getting some of Chew Guarded’s specially designed fabric that repels liquid and is chew resistant. The material can help keep Fido from gnawing on upholstery and other surfaces in your car. It comes in three different sizes depending on your model so make sure to find one that fits yours perfectly! Plus, you don’t have to worry about staining or cleaning with these covers. Simply wash them with a hose after taking them off when you come back home.

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