Car Gifts For The Motorheads In Your Life

If you know someone who loves cars and you’re looking for an excellent car gift idea, then the list below has you covered. From practical to whimsical to just plain fun, these car gifts are sure to please any car enthusiast in your life. No matter what type of vehicle they prefer, they’ll find something here that they like, guaranteed!

The Picture Of Their Favorite Ride

car gifts

If you’re not a car lover yourself, it can be hard to buy something thoughtful and tasteful. But that doesn’t mean you need to leave your gift-giving duties up to chance. One of the best gifts you can give any motorhead is an image of their favorite car, either framed or printed onto a nice piece of paper (or both!). It doesn’t take much to find one online, and your loved one will appreciate it more than any other kind of present.

Car Mats

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Do you know someone who loves cars, but whose car is constantly covered in dirt and grime? Cleaning a car, especially your own, can be a hassle, especially if you work. A great gift for any motorhead is car mats. They’re practical gifts that any driver will appreciate. It’s an easy way to keep their car clean without having to get down on their hands and knees to scrub every day. Plus, they make it look nice when guests ride along with them!

Smartphone Mount

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Give your motorhead a simple but well-crafted smartphone mount, perfect for hands-free driving. It keeps their phone within easy reach and also protects it from impacts, scuffs, and scratches. Plus, car mounts are small and convenient; they’re an easy addition to any car or truck.

Tools & Tuning Supplies

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Though they’re very different gifts, tools and tuning supplies are ideal car gifts. Tools, obviously, are excellent if you’re buying a gift for someone who works on cars; your go-to mechanic might appreciate some wiggle room in his budget to pick up that toolset he needs. And tuning supplies can help motorheads fine-tune their cars—which is important since, after all, these people like to know their cars are running at peak performance.

Car Cleaning Kit

Give your giftee a chance to shine with a car cleaning kit. There are all sorts of different kits available, which range from about $15 to $50. These kits come with everything you need to clean and detail your car: wash mitts, rags, tire brushes, sponges and more! Some even come with a mini-vacuum. If your friend is really into detailing their cars, then they’ll love these gifts.

Bags, Travel Accessories, & Coolers

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Bags, coolers, seat cushions, and more are just a few of our favorite car-gift ideas. Many of these products are multipurpose and work great as regular travel accessories; others, like noise-canceling headphones or a flight timer, are only really applicable to being on the go. Some options are practical; others are just for fun!

Dash Cam

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If you’re looking to give a car gift that will stand out from all of those boring ties and bath sets, consider picking up a dashcam. Whether it’s for a loved one or just for yourself, being able to record your life behind the wheel is always handy. And with prices dipping into impulse-buy territory (the best dash cams cost less than $200), now’s a good time to stock up on gifts.

Car Charger

If you’re going to get one thing for a car enthusiast, make it a car charger. This small and simple device lets people plug their smartphones into their cars, charging them as they drive. It may not be much of a gift on its own, but it can mean a lot when you’re traveling or stuck in traffic on your way to work.

Driving Loafers

car gifts

Slippers that look like car tires, seat warmers and racing stripes can make any driver more comfortable behind the wheel. Car aficionados will adore these fun accessories. If you’re looking for a quirky way to express your love of cars without stepping on your spouse’s toes (or her cat’s), consider getting her a pair of car-themed slippers.


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