Linen Car Seat Cover – The Ultimate Guide

We highly recommend that you get one of these linen car seat covers if you haven’t already. It’s an essential upgrade to your car because it will not only keep your vehicle smelling nice. But will also add an air of style and class to it while ensuring that your interior looks as good as new despite being used daily.



linen car seat

A linen car seat cover is a functional accessory that helps you make your journeys more comfortable. Linen car seat covers protect your car’s interior from dirt, dust, UV rays, and other possible pollutants. They are not just attractive but also very durable and long-lasting. You can invest in high-quality ones which will cost you less than a meal out at McDonald’s. If you commute or travel a lot, buy one as soon as possible! With millions of people commuting to work every day via road transport. It is essential to keep our cars clean if we want to avoid traffic fines.


What Are Linen Car Seat Covers?

A linen car seat cover is made out of pure 100% cotton that offers a luxurious feel for those who have one installed on their cars. These have gained immense popularity over time thanks to their beautiful looks, high-level comfort, and durability. They can easily fit into any type of vehicle be it coupe or sedan and come with adjustable straps allowing you to customize the fit according to your needs.


Benefits Of Using A Linen Car Seat Cover

linen car seat

There are many benefits associated with using a linen car seat cover but below we have mentioned the top 3 which everyone should know before buying one:

  1. Highly Durable: The main benefit of having a car seat cover made out of linen is that they last extremely long as compared to other material available such as leather or canvas. 
  2. Premium Look: If you go ahead and ask someone why they use upholstery rather than ordinary fabric. They would tell you how much softer and better-looking it feels than anything else available on market today. You can achieve similar results by opting for a linen car seat cover because of the premium finishing offered by it. 
  3. Fewer Weights: You might think that since these are made out of heavy material like pure linen. They will add extra weight to your car and make things difficult for you. Well, not really because most modern variants come packed with special technology ensuring extra lightweight and breathability factor making sure you don’t sweat even if covered under hot weather. 


How To Clean A Linen Seat Cover?

clean linen car seat

As mentioned above linen is quite durable making cleaning a pretty easy task. Here’s how you can clean a linen car seat cover:

  •  Remove stains from your car seat immediately with water mixed up with a mild detergent solution.
  • While drying process, don’t allow direct sunlight or heat to reach your linen seats otherwise colors may fade away leaving behind ugly stains and marks.
  •  Give it dry naturally using old newspapers/tissues (not tissues paper) otherwise steam from the humidifier may leave behind unwanted wrinkles on it.


Common Myths About Linen Seat Covers 

linen car seat

Some say regular cleaning not needed for linen covers whereas others disagree saying too frequent washing diminishes fabric quality eventually leaving users feeling cheated after spending hard-earned money on something so expensive. Another myth around these is that you can’t wash them at home or with a home-based machine. However, neither of these is true and you can wash your linen seat covers at home.

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