Practical And Useful Car Accessories

There are many car accessories on the market today, but most of them aren’t very practical and can even be dangerous. These 5 car accessories are among the most useful, however, so you can use them to make your driving experience more pleasant, convenient, and safe. Whether you’re looking for ways to charge your phone while driving or keeping your drinks cold on hot days. Here are 5 practical and useful car accessories that might be just what you need.

Useful Car Accessories

1) A phone holder

If you’re constantly having to look down at your phone for directions, it’s a good idea to invest in a phone holder. A phone mount will keep your eyes on the road and off of your device. Which is an added bonus if you have passengers or are planning on spending time in traffic. There are various options that can be attached to your windshield or dashboard. Or even be placed near your gearshift for easy access.

2) A no-rinse carpet spot remover is a useful car accessorie

Never deal with pesky carpet stains again. We found a spot remover that you can spray on and vacuum away without having to get out a mop or towel. The non-toxic formula is also biodegradable, which means it won’t clog up our water systems and hurt animals. Win! This no-rinse carpet spot remover costs $17.99 for 24 ounces and comes in six scents: lemongrass, lavender, apple mint, citrus blend, eucalyptus spearmint, and tea tree oil. It’s available at drugstores such as CVS or Walgreens.

Useful Car Accessories

3)An adorable hanging diffuser

If you’re looking for a no-fuss way to spruce up your car and make it smell good, an adorable hanging diffuser is an easy accessory to add to your backseat. Simply hang one in your car when you get in and turn it on! Now instead of breathing in air that’s laced with road rage and exhaust fumes, you can breathe in vanilla, lavender or any of hundreds of other fragrances. Best part? The chemicals are tucked away safely inside a plastic case, so no worries about them escaping into your atmosphere.

4) A set of car hooks is also a useful car accessory

If you need to hang anything from your car, you’ll need a set of car hooks. These will attach to your headrests and enable you to hang things such as coats, lunch bags, and shopping bags. This is really useful if you want to take your child/children on a trip but don’t have room in your car for everything they might want or need. You can use either pocketed seat covers (which most cars come with) or install a set of seat belt accessories that enables you to have three additional loops on which to hang things from.

Useful Car Accessories

5) Spare tire kit

Make sure your car is ready for any mishap with a spare tire kit. It includes a jack, lug wrench, and an inflator that attaches to your tire valve stem. Instead of wasting precious time looking for tools or asking strangers for help when you get stuck on the side of a dark road. Pull out your emergency kit and get back on track quickly. Just remember to keep it in an easily accessible place like under your front seat or in your trunk . It breaks down everything from headrests to CD holders so you can start saving right away!

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