The Best Car Accessories for Parents

As a parent, you’re always looking for products that help make your life easier and your kids safer. It can be hard to decide which car accessories are worthwhile, so we’ve put together this list of the best car accessories for parents on the market today, along with our honest reviews of each one. this list will provide plenty of information and advice to help you choose the best products available to parents today.

 best car accessories for parents

 Infant car Seat

Selecting a safe car seat is perhaps one of parents’ biggest purchases and most important decisions. The right infant car seat helps keep your baby safe during your everyday drives, plus you can use it as a travel system so you don’t have to buy two separate strollers when your baby outgrows his or her infant carrier. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks—including those from trusted brands like Chicco, Graco, Peg Perego, and Britax—that are worth taking a closer look at if you need a new travel system.

 best car accessories for parents

Seat Belt Pillow

The car seat belt is a convenient way to ensure your child will be safely secured into their booster or car seat. The problem? It’s uncomfortable and difficult to buckle, especially if you have small children who aren’t cooperative or big kids who don’t like being strapped in. The solution? A seat belt pillow! There are many kinds available on Amazon, but one of our favorites is called KidCo Peapod Booster Seat (available in five different colors), which we recommend for anyone with kids age 4 and older who weigh between 30 pounds and 60 pounds.

Baby Mirror

For parents of babies and small children, a baby mirror is essential for reversing in your car. These can be placed on your rear-view mirror. Giving you an immediate view of your child when reversing from any angle or position. This can help prevent many potential accidents where a child is forgotten and left behind in a parked car. Mirrors are also useful when there are multiple children or other obstacles obstructing your view. The easiest way to avoid these problems is to use mirrors as much as possible. Of course, no matter how fancy or cheap these mirrors are. They don’t take away from any responsibility you have to keep an eye on your child.

Car Trash Bag

Even if you’re a neat freak and obsessively keep your car clean and tidy, you still end up with trash. Sometimes it’s wrappers from food, but more often than not it’s crumbs and broken toys from your kids. Instead of letting your car get gross (and potentially causing an annoying mess when you reach in to grab something). Always keep a designated trash bag in your trunk. Many people forget about them or just don’t think about using them until they become full (which means emptying them can be unpleasant). Don’t let that happen. Invest in a good quality bag that will last longer than one or two trips.

 best car accessories for parents

Coolers and storage bins

Whether it’s keeping car snacks and drinks safe from curious little hands or hauling kids’ gear to sports practice. You need a good cooler to help you out. Look for good insulation and long-lasting materials that can handle lots of openings. Sturdy storage bins are important too. Make sure they can take plenty of wear and tear so you don’t need to replace them frequently. All coolers and bins should have a durable carrying strap or handle. As well as a lid that keeps contents from spilling or getting ruined by excess moisture. You might also want pockets or compartments where you can store smaller items separately so they don’t get mixed up with your bigger items.

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